Case Histories

Inter Tape Before

Before pictures of Inter Tape in Port Huron, Michigan.  The production room was dark and dingy and needed to be painted prior to moving new production into the area. 

Inter Tape After

The room was prepped by power washing the walls and ceiling to ensure the substrates were clean and free from dirt and residue.  Jaxsan 600 was applied as a base coat to the brick walls and then top coated with Jaxsan AG102.  The ceiling received only a coat of Jaxsan AG102.  The room was considerably brighter without adding any additional lighting to the room after the painting project was complete.

Vlassic Pickle

Vlassic Pickle needed to refresh and clean up process areas in their Imlay City Plant.  After careful examination and review Jaxsan 602 and AG102 were selected for the walls and ceiling throughout the plant.  These products offer elastomeric properties and adhere to virtually all substrates found in food processing facilities (CMU, Concrete, FRP, Steel, Stainless Steel).  Both products will handle the stringent cleaning procedures that occurs in food plants, are easy to apply and virtually odor free.

MSU Music Floor

Michigan State University had problems in a music recital studio. The existing flooring was not uniform and was creating lighting issues.   Jaxsan 600 was proposed, it offers elastomeric properties, it would add cushioning for the patrons and being black would not cause any distracting shadows with the lighting system.   The flooring used was Jaxsan 600 Black it was applied in to 20 mil coats.

Lakeland Square Roof


Lakeland Square Shopping Center in Cadillac, MI had a problem.  Their old metal roof was beginning to leak and cause issues to the tenants.  The owner wanted a long term solution, so IRT Commercial Services was called in to inspect the roof and offer solutions.  Jaxsan 600 and AG102 were chosen as the products to fix the problem.  

IRT completely cleaned the roof by power washing, removed all loose and poorly adhering material currently on the roof seams.  Then applied 60-80 mils of Jaxsan 600 fiber reinforced elastomeric to the seams.  Once dry Jaxsan AG102 was applied at 4-6 mils to the entire roof.  This system when properly applied comes with a 10 year warranty.

YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo


PROJECT: YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo

Issues: Standing seam roof that had an asphalt and stone coating with mesh applied and leaking in various locations.

Contractor: Hoekstra Roofing, Kalamazoo, MI

System: Roof was power washed and allowed to dry, 4-5 gallons of Jaxsan 600 Fiber reinforced elastomeric was applied per square; test patches were applied to verify adhesion.


LECO, St. Joseph, MI


Issues: 24 gauge standing seam roof, leaking in various spots and needed to have a better appearance.

Contractor: Hoekstra Roofing, Kalamazoo, MI

System: Roof was power washed and allowed to dry, 30 mils dft of Jaxsan 600 fiber filled elastomeric was applied to the seams of the panels. Jaxsan AG102 was then applied to entire roof at a rate of 1 gallon per square.


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