It's All About Confidence

Not too long ago, the problem was choosing the best product for your project. Now it's finding the right product. For epoxies and
urethanes alone, there are some 1,000 coatings to sort through – a 40% jump from just five years ago.

A couple of phone calls, a few emails and you can have catalog after catalog of industrial coatings cluttering your desktop,
computer and mind. That's not really helpful. What's needed here is
an experienced guide, your own Sacagawea in the world of

Here We Are

It's not that we don't put thousands of choices at your fingertips, we do. Then we help you find the product that's right for your specific project. Corrosion is a hidden enemy. We know how to build the bulwark of prevention and protection.

There's no trial and error here. You tell us your problem. We know where to look for the proper compound to make it go away. Plus one.
Confidence that you've made the right choice, that this product will do the job, that's the essential element we put into all coating recommendations.