Cerafin Barrier Coating


Cerafin Barrier Coating and Anti Graffiti

 Cerafin is a protective barrier coating that provides anti-corrosion and anti-graffiti properties.  It is a 100% solids clear gloss finish that protects most any substrate.  

Cerafin as White Board Coating

Cerafin is a 100% solids clear gloss anti-corrosion and anti graffiti coating that has also been found to work great as a white board. Just apply Cerafin to any painted wall, the original wall color shines through but you can also use any wall as a white board.  Make meeting notes, give presentations, use any wall as a white board with standard white board pens and the writing wipes off with just a rag.  If you happen by "accident" use a permanent marker just use the Cerafin bio degradable cleaner and a clean rag and restore your wall to new.

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